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Our Company offers a variety of native wood products which enter our mill as raw materials from Connecticut and Southern New England. These products are now listed under the Connecticut Grown Program.

Hardwood Chips


Railroad Ties

Certified Playground Mulch

Log Length Firewood

Hardwood Double ground Bark Mulch

Grade Lumber

Sawdust Bedding

Seasoned Slabwood



Please inquire about our Forestry Services.

Whether you are simply looking to harvest for income, ensuring the future of a forest for your children, or are looking to manage your property for your own goals and objectives, We at Peter Marlowe Forest Products, LLC are here to help.

Some other opportunities that you may be considering are:

  • Wildlife habitat creation
  • Timber Stand Improvement
  • Expanding recreational activity use
  • Fortifying your forest against damage from insects, disease, and storm damage
  • Establishing a sustainable harvest management plan
  • 490 Tax Certification

Dale McLeod, is our Forestry technician, is willing to meet with you about forest management opportunities 

that you may have on your property.

The US Natural Resource Conservation Service offers cost-sharing programs that may help fund some of the work that you may be interested in on your forests. Please feel free to follow the links below to determine your eligibility.