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Why Forestry?

According to the US Forest Service, Connecticut is the fourth most densely populated state in the nation. Yet it also ranks 13th in percentage of forest cover. Few places have as many people living among so much woodland.

Keeping this fact in mind, 80% of landowners in Connecticut own less than twenty acres.

We are committed to working on land holdings of all sizes to help landowners achieve their management goals and objectives.

Connecticut is now 60% forested, and private forest-land owners comprise the bulk of owners, controlling 83 percent of the State’s forests.

We at Peter Marlowe Forest Products are working hard to keep it this way by providing landowners with the expertise and means to manage their forests for long-term, sustained growth and yield.

We are committed to working with landowners to prescribe treatments that are right for them. With tailored, closely supervised harvests, we can provide income that will help offset the costs of owning and maintaining land. There is no better way to ensure that there will be trees for future generations than with careful management and prudent use of today's forests and its resources.

Learn more about your forest: call us today to schedule a free evaluation 

and a walk through of your property.